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Alex Tabarrok gets shot

Posted by Daniel Hall on November 12, 2007

The flu shot, that is. And so did I. And so should you. Alex explains:

People who have the flu spread the virus so getting a flu shot not only reduces the probability that I will get the flu it reduces the probability that you will get the flu. In the language of economics the flu shot creates an external benefit, a benefit to other people not captured by the person who paid the costs of getting the shot.

Hooray for public goods!

Update:  Lynne Kiesling, in a very smart post about externalities, posits that the private benefits to Alex of vaccination well outweigh his costs.  His decision is thus inframarginal and a public subsidy for his vaccination would be a wealth transfer but not improve behavior.  I would say this illustrates a public good created by families and other tight social networks — they encourage citizens to act selflessly.  I would also say that surely someone out there is on the margin about a vaccination decision, and it would make sense if we could target a subsidy at them.  Off-hand I would guess that this group would include the poor and uninsured — although that might primarily be a problem of access and information — and the young, single, and socially mobile, since they are less likely to have compelling reasons to act selflessly.  And, let’s face it, they are frequently lazy.  I rarely got a flu shot when I was in my early 20s; I knew it was a good idea in theory, but just couldn’t be bothered.

4 Responses to “Alex Tabarrok gets shot”

  1. That title was an unfair tease.

  2. As I commented over in response to Lynne Kiesling’s post at Knowledge Problem, while payments to Alex would be a pure wealth transfer, since I haven’t had a flu shot yet, credible offers of payment to me have a chance to promote the public good.

    Email me for payment options.

  3. Lynne said

    I haven’t gotten one either. Email me and I’ll tell you my Paypal address for anyone who wishes to attempt to influence my behavior😉.

    Thanks for the link! Your site is a great addition to the network.

  4. Daniel Hall said

    Mike and Lynne seem to have forgotten that there is a far cheaper way for me to avoid incurring personal costs from their negligent behavior — I can stay away from their geographic vicinity. They might do better seeking contributions to their physical — rather than electronic — mailboxes.

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