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Posted by Rich Sweeney on November 7, 2007

Today’s NYTimes has a special section on the Business of Green. Overall it’s worth reading, although there’s a lot in there that’s obvious at this point. In particular, I found the lead article, Carbon Calculus, oddly elementary. It describes the competitive effects of a carbon tax or cap the way I imagine Sen Ted Stevens describes the internet at a cocktail party (“There are these tubes…..”). This is particularly odd because the NYTimes has been writing about the possibility of taxing or capping carbon for years. If they didn’t think it was clear to readers that this should be done to correct for the negative externalities of carbon and alter the fuel input mix, why else would anyone do such a thing?

Nevertheless the articles are worth checking out. Some initial highlights include referring to the carbon dioxide embedded in the production of what is supposedly a renewable product as “closet carbon”, and this photo:

Coal Plant in DC

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