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Posted by Daniel Hall on October 15, 2007

The US Department of Energy has estimated that by 2010, the portion of each utility customer’s bill consumed by appliances in standby mode will reach 20 percent.

The article is from the CS Monitor.  This is pretty astounding when you consider that this means standby power will represent more of the average home’s electricity use than air conditioning (16%) or refrigeration (14%).  (2001 survey data from the DOE’s Energy Information Administration)

One Response to “Shocking sentences”

  1. greg claxton said

    I wonder what all that includes. It seems like there’s a potential for two kinds of phantom loads–one that expends energy and one one that saves it. The phantom load on my DVD player has two parts, both expend energy (I can turn one of them off, but it means a slower start-up time; sadly, the clock never goes away). On the other hand, the phantom load of my programmable thermostat seems like a different beast. It seems like there are more and more options that fall into the second group.

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