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Upcoming climate policy events in DC

Posted by Daniel Hall on September 20, 2007

A heads up for those of you in the DC area about a couple upcoming climate policy events:

Tomorrow (Friday Sept. 21) Nicholas Stern will be speaking at a Congressional briefing about what the Stern Review means the for upcoming UN climate change meetings in Bali.  Whatever you think of the Stern Review itself, Sir Nicholas is an articulate and engaging speaker (or at least he was the one time I saw him).*  Plus there will be a Q&A session, so this is your chance to ask him why he placed such a high value on future events (if you agree with Bill Nordhaus’ critique) or such a low value on present people (if you are sympathetic to Partha Dasgupta’s analysis).

The second event is on Thursday, October 4, at Resources for the Future and is on strategies for post-Kyoto climate policy.  Harvard’s Rob Stavins and RFF’s Joe Aldy will be discussing the new book they co-edited, Architectures for Agreement, along with another couple panelists.

Both events are open to the public.  The RFF event requests an RSVP by September 26.

*Or maybe it was just the accent.  I don’t think I know any Brits I don’t consider articulate.

One Response to “Upcoming climate policy events in DC”

  1. Evan Herrnstadt said

    A brief note: Stavins and Aldy have posted a short commentary relevant to the aforementioned book and panel discussion.

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