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Econoblog fantasy draft

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on September 19, 2007

Dani Rodrik posts on new blogs by Krugman and the World Bank’s chief economist for South Asia. I’m excited about both of these for sure, but the comments that follow center on which economists ought to be online. I’m encouraged to see suggestions of some environmental and resource folks, such as Schelling, Nordhaus, Dasgupta, and Weitzman. Hopefully one or more will heed the call and pick up the habit. My favorite part of economics blogs is seeing top scholars debate issues on a semi-regular basis. The discussion is certainly exciting to follow for those of us who have a somewhat unconventional perspective of what makes a superstar.

One Response to “Econoblog fantasy draft”

  1. Daniel Hall said

    Marginal Revolution is now running an identical poll. Head over and vote for your faves. I put in a vote for Dasgupta.

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