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Lean, mean, carbon-reducing driving machines

Posted by Evan Herrnstadt on September 19, 2007

The Environmental News Network reports that a television show that will attempt to demonstrate the possibilities of green transportation engineering is apparently in production:

Coming to your television soon, from a Maseriati Quattroporte to a ’57 Chevy pick-up, to a high-powered Cigarette open ocean muscle boat, the new TV show “Ultimate Green Machines” will show that any vehicle can still run as fast if not faster than their stock counterparts while being green inside and out.

This is a cool idea, kind of a “Mythbusters” for the potential power of green vehicles. In the absence of proper fuel conservation incentives (read: higher gas tax), the perception that fuel-efficient cars are glorified Power Wheels is a barrier to greater consumer acceptance. Still, the real achievement would be to set a reasonable cost limit on the modifications. Somehow, I assume that’s not currently in the works.

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